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ARI pin gauges with rislan handle

ARI pin gauges are in stabilised chrome from ageing after quenching and tempering for a 60 HRC minimal hardness.

These gauges cover diameters between 0.10 and 20mm. Increasing in 1/100th. ARI pin gauges have a screw-on handle from diameter 1.00. It can therefore be removed.

The ARI standard is class 2 (or tolerance of +/- 1,5μm) Handles are made of black rislan with pin gauge diameter engraved on the handle

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ARI pin gauges

Custom made pin gauges

We are striving to find the best solution to your needs and requirements. Here a pin gauge with a flat surface, but feel free to contact us for any specific need so we can work out a solution for you.

Some other examples:  pin gauges with 70mm length and a 120mm handle, bended pin gauges, no handle pin gauges with diameter engraved on the top of the pin gauge so the tolerance stays is kept on the full length of the pin, specific engravement with internal number, logo on the hexagonal handle, pin gauges with beveled edge...

Please contact us for any specific requirement.

Find out about our custom made solutions here...

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Standard ARI cases

Standard ARI cases are in class 2 with a black plastic handle. For any standard case we have the equivalent in class 1, in which case they will have black hexagonal handles. But if you want hexagonal handles for the class 2 gauges, everything is possible, you just need to ask.

Several series of cases are offered :

  • A serie: from Ø 0.10 to Ø 14.00 every 0.01, we carry 12 standard cases with about 151 pin gauges per box.
  • B serie: from Ø 1.00 to 15.00 every 0.05, 5 standard cases are available.
  • C serie: case with 91 pin gauges from Ø 1.00 to 10.00 every 0.1
  • D and E series are available with 0.05 steps and 0.1 steps. They are available up to diameter 20.
The case you're looking for isn't on our list ? Create yours here.
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Truing spheres

Carbide ball +/- 1μ

Eccentricity of ball to axis : 0.003

  • L Type: truing sphere without shoulder from Ø 2 to 20
  • E Type: truing sphere with shoulder for Ø 2 to 8 mm
  • ET Type: truing sphere with shoulder with M3 threading for Ø10 and Ø12, M6 threading for Ø20.